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Tonic Pro
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Shrimps have an innate immune system that responds to infections, but their adaptive immune system is inadequate to handle most infections. Enhancing the immune system through nutrients and immunostimulants is important in improving host defense capabilities in shrimp. Probiotics (Mosura BT-9 and Bioplus) also plays an effective role in improving defense capabilities

Assa Aqua produces Tonics Pro which is an improved version over Shrimp Tonics, the new version is based entirely on plant ingredients. Shrimp Tonic contains high level of probiotic, nutrients and immunostimulant which provide a general line of defense for shrimps by  strengthen cell  to increase resistance to virus and bacteria attack. Tonic Pro is able to increase vitality and help in the growth of shrimps and even fishes.

Beta glucan is one of the immunostimulant in Tonic Pro, the role of Beta gulcan in immune responses has been well studied and proven to increase shrimp survival rate.

We strongly encourage the use of Mosura BT-9 with Tonic Pro to provide 2 lines of shrimps immunity.

Tonic Pro is a food supplement, we advise to feed with this about 3 times per week in small amount to your crystal red shrimps, red bee shrimps and other species of shrimps.

To improve health of shrimps in problematic tanks, use Mosura BT-9 to improve the water quality together with water changes, then feed

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